Numatic WBV370NX Pro Cordless Wet Vacuum – 1 Battery Version




A spill happens quickly, cleaning it up does not. Eliminate the risk of slips, trips and falls with no cable, perfect for cleaning up spills in high-traffic areas.

Equipped with the NX300 36V Battery Technology and 400W digital motor, the WBV370NX Pro Cordless Wet Vacuum is the newest addition to the NX300 Pro Cordless Network. Delivering continuous 40 minutes of cordless freedom in a compact, convenient and versatile design, the WBV370NX is perfect for quickly and effectively clearing up spillages, leaving floors clean, dry and safe.

Cordless Freedom
Market-leading 40 minutes of consistent and powerful cleaning performance.
Powerful Cleaning
High-performance powerful cleaning with a 400W digital motor.
Safer Cleaning
With no cable and powerful pick-up, eliminate the risk of slips, trips and falls. Ideal for emergency spills in public areas with high footfall.
One Fits All Productivity
The NX300 Pro Cordless Network brings the convenience and performance of professional cordless cleaning across Numatic’s growing battery range.
Extended Long-Life Power
Made for the long haul, the NX300 battery won’t let you down, engineered and tested for commercial use delivering up to 2500 charge cycles. A 3-year battery warranty provides complete peace of mind for you and your Pro Cordless Network.
Stay Cleaning for Longer
Off-board NX300 Charging Dock recharges to 80% in just 1 hour for unstoppable cordless cleaning.

The machine comes with Numatic’s A11/85 Tool Kit.

The WBV370NX uses Numatic’s NX300 battery, which is seen in their 244NX compact scrubber dryer and the RSB150NX back pack vacuum.  The NX300 has a long life span, delivering up to 2500 charge cycles with integrated battery heralth monitoring system.  The NX300 battery has a 3 year warranty.

This machine is available either as a base unit, or with 1 battery.


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