Eco-One Toilet-Clean Sachets – pack of 20




his is a cleaner and descaler which is suitable for toilets and urinals. Toilet-Clean is acidic & thickened. This allows it to stick to the inside of the bowl and remove limescale and “other” stains. It is suitable for use on stainless steel, porcelain, chrome and ceramic.

Simply add one sachet to the Refill Bottle bottle, along with water. Shake to activate, and apply liberally to a toilet bowl or urinal. Leave for a few minutes then brush & flush!

Do not use on any other surface.

The specially designed packaging is not only 100% Biodegradable in 180 days, but also 100% compostable. Meaning once empty, because the product composts at lower temperatures, it can go into the compost heap in your garden at home making good quality compost!


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