Eco-One Multi-Clean Sachets – pk of 20 – for Trigger Sprays




Available in either a pack of 20 or 50.

This multi-purpose cleaner has been designed to use on doors, walls, desks, work surfaces, plastic fittings, door handles & more. Safe to use on concrete, vinyl, safety floor & tiles.

The formula and weight for the 20 and 50 packs are slightly different and therefore please follow the below guidelines:

20pk – For use in a trigger spray, add a single sachet to the Trigger Spray bottle, along with water. Shake to activate, then spray onto cloth and clean the surface. Buff dry.

50pk – For use with a mop & bucket, add one sachet to a 5L bucket filled with water. Swirl the solution a couple of times, then mop the floor. Allow to air dry. For heavy and difficult soiling use two sachets per 5L.

The specially designed packaging is not only 100% Biodegradable in 180 days, but also 100% compostable. Meaning once empty, because the product composts at lower temperatures, it can go into the compost heap in your garden at home making good quality compost!


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