Deep Clean Heavy Duty Cleaner / Degreaser (Food Safe)




This powerful cleaner and degreaser is designed to cope with the toughest cleaning jobs, easily cutting through grease and grime to leave a perfectly spotless finish. Works great on safety flooring. Can be used in a scrubber dryer, with a bucket & mop, or by hand with a cloth.

Removes oil, fats, grease, carbon, blood, nicotine, sugars, starch, inks, dyes, mildew, etc.

The formulation can be used in food preparation areas.

Directions & Dilutions:

Normal use: Approx 1:100

Example dilutions would be: 4 x 30ml pumps per 10L scrubber dryer or mop bucket OR 2 x 30ml pumps per 5L mop bucket OR 1 x 30ml pump per trigger spray.

If the dirt is ingrained or hardened – please increase the dosage to 1:50 or 1:10.

Dilute with either hot or cold water. Apply using a rotary scrubbing machine, scrubber dryer, mop, or spray bottle. It is also advisable to give the product time to work on very dirty surfaces in the same way you would soak your oven tray after a delicious roast!


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